I’m Firas Rafislam, Designer, iOS Developer based in Indonesia. Literasi Bad Guy is my front mood 

Now I’m working on iOS Apps Projects

When do Trips, I like do street photography, you can enjoy slide right you.

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Zebra - Mood Directory

You doesn’t know It does exist on Internet, when It exists here

Zebra is your inspiration app, not junks common people found on Internet. Only special selections you may find exceptional or you want find various topics what you may curious about and available with favorite box

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triptozero - Fair prices to fly your soul

triptozero is flight booking app that your iPhone guarantees which fast and light make sure your seat comforts same as service here. Available flights from Indonesia and around countries.

Pay with famous payments in Indonesia, including Cash and Credit Card.

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Mental: Math of Anti-aging

Mental is math board. Simple with mental calculations, between addition, substraction and multiplication randomly. There is classic mode to trains a mental calculation and game mode to challenge

I made this app as tool and small play to give benefits from math to our mental ability It might good for our health and perceptions.

If you want to give additional features to make this app hooks our brains, feels young. Email me.

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Cara hidup di Internet

1. Hapus akun Facebook-mu sekarang juga - 2. Tidak langganan konten Streaming, kecuali Musik - 3. Pake Instagram lewat komputer - 4. Biasakan baca blog orang, bukan media - 5. Datang ke Cafe sendirian, Bincang sama dekat-mu - 6. Tidak terlena download apps gratis - 7. Beli baju kaos dan buku impor *penikmat bahasa asing - 8. Tidak beli Smartphone baru sampai ajal-nya tiba - 9. Tidak percaya kata - kata orang Teknologi - 10. Kendalikan dirimu

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